Cannabis: the sale of dietary supplements and cosmetics to be assigned to pharmacies

According to Mohammed El Guerrouj, Managing Director of ANRAC, cannabis-based health and beauty supplements should be marketed through pharmacies.

During a workshop organized? on Friday by the Fédération marocaine de l’industrie et de l’innovation pharmaceutique(FMIIP) on the subject of cannabis, Mohammed El Guerrouj, Director General of the Agence nationale de réglementationdes activités relatives au cannabis (ANRAC), responded to pharmacists’ concerns about the sales circuit for dietary supplements and cosmetics. 

Mohammed El Guerrouj said that these products, currently being prepared by various operators, would be strictly distributed via pharmacies. He added that ANRAC is working closely with the Directorate of Medicines and Pharmacy (DMP) to define the terms and conditions of this distribution, in accordance with the law. 

Current legislation clearly stipulates that cannabis-based products must be marketed and distributed in authorized outlets, mainly pharmacies for dietary supplements and cosmetics. 

El Guerrouj mentioned the case of other CBD-based products, such as flour, chocolate, sweets and drinks. The sale of these products in pharmacies could require additional equipment, such as refrigerators, implying additional costs. 

He also mentioned the need for a stable market for operators wishing to market these products, pointing out that ANRAC is examining all possibilities, including sales in specialized outlets or supermarkets. 

El Guerrouj concluded by stressing that any decision would be taken in consultation with the parties involved. 

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