A young Moroccan kidnaps, abducts and rapes a 12-year-old child 

Last Friday, a young man aged 22 was brought before the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the El Jadida Court of Appeal for sexually abusing a 12-year-old child. The case arose following a complaint lodged with the Royal Gendarmerie in Zmamraby the victim’s father, who reported that his son had been kidnapped on Friday May 3 by a young man who held him captive in an abandoned cubbyhole in the weekly souk at Sidi Bennour before raping him. The assailant, who lives in a douar in the rural commune of Saniat Berguig, then took off. It wasn’t until five days later, on Wednesday May 8, that he was spotted by investigators, arrested and held in police custody. The coroner attested that the child had been sexually abused.

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