Bonfires and a Marathon of Talks: Rabbi Yoel Pinto Bringing Light to Israel

In the midst of a campaign to strengthen Jews in Israel, Rabbi Yoel Pinto, the son and successor of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, led three huge bonfires on Saturday night in memory of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, marking the anniversary of his passing.

This year, due to concrete security warnings about a potential Hezbollah missile attack in the area, the Home Front Command prohibited the traditional celebrations in Meiron.

Following the Home Front Command’s order designating the Meiron area as a closed military zone, Rabbi Pinto instructed his students to comply with the directives and organize bonfires in various Shuva Israel centers across Israel.

Last night, numerous bonfires were lit in Shuva Israel yeshivot, with Rabbi Yoel Pinto participating in three of them. He is currently conducting a marathon of Torah talks aimed at strengthening Jews throughout Israel. The largest and main bonfire lighting took place at Shuva Israel’s center in Ashdod.

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