Moroccan Diva Najat Atabou Sparks Controversy with Admission of Seeking Advice from Witches

Moroccan Diva Najat Atabou, whom I had the pleasure of interviewing on Nessma TV, has recently found herself at the center of a significant controversy. A video of a radio interview has surfaced, revealing her surprising admission of an addiction to seeking advice from witches. Yes, you heard that right—witches! In response to a Moroccan journalist’s question on a popular national radio show about her involvement with sorceresses, Najat openly admitted to being deeply fascinated by fortune tellers, making an effort to visit every one she encountered. She explained that her visits were driven by a desire to determine if her husband loved her, fueled by curiosity. This video has garnered widespread attention on social media, with many praising Najat’s bravery in acknowledging her consultations with witches. However, others believe that, given the context of Moroccan societal norms, such an admission was inappropriate, as visits to charlatans are considered taboo. #Najataatabou, the Moroccan singer, deserves recognition and respect for her honesty in admitting to her multiple visits to witches, a practice that many Moroccan artists keep secret. 

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