R’Kia, Queen of Moroccan Sorcery, Reveals the Secrets of a Popular Spell

In a riveting episode, R’Kia, widely known as the Queen of Moroccan sorcery, delves into one of the most sought-after spells among women in Morocco. This spell, known by various names in Darija such as l’Kharqa, Charwita, or Zif, has garnered significant attention and intrigue. The spell involves the use of a sperm-filled tissue, which women collect and utilize to cast a powerful enchantment that drives their victims to madness, compelling them to satisfy their sexual desires.

This fascinating and controversial topic was explored in an interview with R’Kia conducted by Moroccan journalist and author Simo Ben (Simo Benbachir). The conversation shed light on the practices and beliefs surrounding this spell, offering a rare glimpse into the world of Moroccan sorcery and its impact on relationships.

R’Kia’s candid revelations have sparked discussions about the influence of traditional sorcery in contemporary Moroccan society, raising questions about the ethical implications and the enduring power of these ancient practices. As the interview unfolds, it becomes clear that the allure of such spells lies not only in their mystical origins but also in the complex interplay of desire, power, and control they represent.

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