Yoshiyahu Pinto Appointed Head of the Moroccan Rabbinic Court

Yoshiyahu Pinto, who was born in Israel from a Moroccan family and is the founder of “Mosdot Shuva Organization”, has been appointed Chief Rabbi of Morocco.

On April 13, Pinto “the Rabbi” was appointed as a chief Rabbi of Morocco at the Synagogue of Casablanca in the presence of Jewish community representatives along with the local and public authorities in Morocco.  

Pinto came after the late “Aharon Monsonego”, who passed away in August 2018. He is also a descendent of Essaouira’s Rabbi “Chaim Pinto” (1845-1746) as he was born in an outstanding family of Rabbis. His mother was also a descendent of an eminent Moroccan family of rabbis who led Jewish communities in Morocco for several generations and who still have a great influence on  the Moroccan community’s decisions and orientations across the world by means of their published writings .

Pinto started teaching courses of Torah in Gaza. He is such an amazing and straight person who studied in Jerusalem where he brought into existence his potentialities. He run his first “Yeshiva” at KIRYAT MALAKHI in Israel and quickly became a leader of the Jewish community in the world. The Rabbi who created a lot of Jewish templates all over the world and who assisted needy families through providing scholarships and books along with food is now staying in US. His famous slogan is “our secret in life is ambition; the bigger it is the longer we live”.

“Oh lord who aspires for a life grant us power in order not to cease living”.

Words from the wealthiest Rabbi.

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