Hatim Ammor is Participating in a TV Show During Ramadan

The Moroccan singer “Hatim Ammor” is participating in a Moroccan TV Show during the holy month of Ramadan on “Al-Oula” by performing the theme song. The main idea of the song ‘Ila rah al ghali’ is quite dramatic where it tackles the issue of death and good-byes and it translates into English as “And if my love is gone”. It is completely different from his famous song “Nayda” which is the most played by his Fans.

A number of Moroccan actors will also take part in the same TV show ‘Al madi la yamout’ ­(The past is never dies), which is directed by “Hisham Al-Jabari”, among them are: Rachid Elwali, Fatima Khayr, Azid Dadas, and Amine Annaji. The main plot of the TV Show revolves the struggle of a father who is trying to keep his family together which suffers from several psychological troubles.

Amour went through an acting experience along with the Moroccan duo khadija Asad and Aziz Sadallah in a serial called “Bent Bladi” many years ago which was a great success for Hatim at that time.

Months ago, our singer has realized an album which made a fortune and got a lot of views on YouTube, not to mention the high quality in his performance and in the video shooting as well.

On the other side, and while the Moroccan Media spread the news that Hatim Amour is to participate in the international festival Mawazine the coming June, he quickly replied and denied this fallacy in his Social Media where he mentioned that he is the last to know. For the record, Amour has participated in the mentioned festival the edition before the last one where he performed quite a successful show in “ANAHDA” stage. However, his participation has created quite a stir when there were some disagreements on who is going to perform the first, Hatim or the Moroccan singer Asmae Lmnawar

It is known that Hatim Amour, the winner of the famous music contest in Morocco “Studio 2M”, is now considered to be the first one among other artists who carries the torch of the modern Moroccan song in its new version as he, now, has a huge amount of beautiful songs like “ALLO FINEK”, “HSABNI TAMAAE”, “KHADIHA”, “MSHITI FIHA”, “ANA AL-AWAL”, and “HASDOUNA”.

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