Ba Jeddoub Dazzled Mazagan!

Last Saturday night, the Moroccan artist Mohammed Ba Jeddoub performed in a very distinguished musical show in his participation to the third edition of the “Ramadan Nights” show which is held by MAZAGAN. A huge amount of a broad public witnessed the show where they got the chance to enjoy the traditional Moroccan rhymes including “Malhoun” and Andalusian Rhymes.

Bajedoub spent for about two hours singing a bunch of famous traditional songs along with the audience who showed their interactions and spontaneity to the rhymes by applauding and repeating the chorus of his songs.

He, as usual, performed together with the Orchestra, which is composed of about 19 musicians, some of famous songs like “Bushra Lana”, “Shamess Al-Ashiya”, “Salat Ala Nabi”, “Ayni Li Ghayri Jamlikom” and “ Law Kana Li Qalban” and many other famous Moroccan Traditional Rhymes.

The Moroccan artist Mohammed Laroussi also took part in the show by performing the late artist Abdesadeq Shaqara’s famous songs which was of great success.

 Although the legend Bajedoub is getting old, still his voice remains the same and powerful. During 50 years in the field, he did a lot. He toured in different countries in many festivals as one of the greatest Singer of “Malhoun” and Andalusian Rhymes.

We don’t know his exact age. But, it has been said that he was born in 1945. He started singing at a young age where he began to love musical heritage and especially Abdalusian Rhymes. It was in the 60s at ZAWIYA, a corner next to the mosque where students take their courses, Bajedoub started learning chanting and singing under some prominent teachers such as Sheikh Sidi Said Al-Qadiri in Salé and Mohammed Tbayeq in Marrakesh.  

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