Regragui, an Artist from the Beautiful Time

Fatima Regragui today lives in a difficult situation, after so many years in which she has perfected so many roles and provided generations of Moroccans, from the 1950s, with widespread real shows and artistic pleasure, whether on television or theater and cinema or even radio.

Just like many other female and male artists of her generation, Regragui practiced art from love, away from the material and fame obsession, thus she gave it all she had, but he met her gift with a denial and arrogance after she has grown old and sickness has weakened her bones and she will never be desired by film-makers who, in turn, prefer to resort to the weak actors and actresses from Instagram and Snapchat, despite their lack of talent, rather than seeking help with the real talents.

Lalla Fatima played her first role with the world class Hamido Benmessaud. It was in the movie “Sun”, before she flows up after that with roles in films “Mirage”, “Waves of the sea”, “Sun Spring”, “Yemma”, “Goodbye Mothers” and “The blind orchestra”, but its popularity and widespread came from the large television portal, when the Moroccan audience loved her in the series “From Dar to Dar” and “The Land of Light”. Speaking about theater, she joined the famous band “Al-Maamoura” and standing alongside with giant personalities such as Tayeb Saddeqi and Ahmed Tayeb Mohamed Said Afifi.

The daughter of Rabat was born on February 15, 1941, she challenged the view of the society, customs and leading traditions of the time, which looked at the art of inferiority, and so she bumped into the door of acting from its widest door, to become one of the female actors who had the courage to break into this world and were regarded at the top class, among are Amina Rachid and the two deceased Khadija Jamal and Habiba Al-Maqtouri.

Today, Fatima Regragui lives in nostalgia, isolated in a humble house, suffering from isolation and sickness, waiting for those who pity her situation and give her a hand of support and assistance.

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