RedOne: Moroccanness at its Finest

Nader Khayat wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The artist from the city of Tetouan in Morocco, and who now becomes international and quite famous, has suffered heavily here and abroad. He was working hard during his entire life in order for him to become the person he wants to be. Now, his artistic name, Redone, became significant in the international scene especially in the US.

What is so interesting about him is that he has a good rapport with his hometown and his Moroccan friends as well. Although Redone went to the US at a young age, he still keeps the traditions and rituals of his country. He even invites some of international figures to Morocco whenever is possible so as to promote for Moroccan tourism. He also helps some talented artists from the new generation like the Moroccan singer Ahmed Chaouki who now becomes quite famous in the Arab world thanks to Redone. However, and sadly to say, Ahmed and Redone are now having some conflicts which are not adjudicated by the court yet.

Redone has received numerous national and international awards among them is the medal he got from the king of Morocco. As a composer, he dealt with most international significant artists in the US including Lady Gaga, Jenifer Lopez, Pitbull, and Enrique Iglesias. All the success he reached, he finds no shame to hang out with his Moroccan friends eating and having fun altogether in the beautiful traditional spots during his stay In Morocco. It is the other way around; he has never turned his back on his friends or hometown as he purely believes that the success he is experiencing now is due to the suffering he has been through before.

Redone has done some really interesting things which made him quite successful. He has received so many Grammy Awards such as “Sunny day” of Akon, “Taking back my love” of Enrique Iglesias and the female singer Sierra, “Mani Hany” and “Boys” of Lady Gaga, “Straight through my heart” of the band Back Street Boys, “Kick us” of Mika, “Oui…mais non” of Myelin Farmer, “Pappy” of Jenifer Lopez, “all night long” of Lionel Richie, “C’est la vie” of Cheb Khaled and so on and so forth…          

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