Yasmina Ksikes: The Ambassador of Taste

Yasmina Ksikes, a native of Casablanca with a passion for cooking has stylishly made Moroccan gastronomy her gateway to success across the Atlantic. Today, as a well merited chef, she is becoming a genuine reference in her field.

  Coming from an epicurean family, Yasmina Ksikes fell in love with kitchen since she was a child and got initiated to the world of tastes and flavors. “We cook a lot at the Ksikes cuisine”, either at Family reunions, religious festivals, simple gatherings and so forth. Her interest in the field became stronger when she moved to the USA.

Though she can’t find her favorite ingredients around, she decides to prepare things her own way then sell them in gourmet markets and other grocery stores. Little by little, the customers are charmed and getting addicted to one specific gastronomy.

One day Yasmina wass asked at an anniversary to give a Moroccan cooking class to about twenty women. She got amused by this challenge and accepted it. That was where everything starts for her.

à table!

 Yasmina is called on several occasions to reiterate the experience, something she does naturally for the whole world. It is truly said that food is unifying!

The young Moroccan Ambassador of taste showcased her talent and bewitched the palaces the right way.

Yasmina Ksikes is no longer an ordinary presenter. She started working as a private chef in Los Angeles also a celebrant in parallel in the restaurant of her husband. She knew how to dominate the tables and to guarantee a perfect food spot to the visitors in the city that is full of parties and ceremonies where we can celebrate one of the greatest pleasure of this world, eating.

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