Hisham Benslimane: These Ladies’ Stylist…

The Marrakech stylist Hisham Benslimane dreamed of styling big Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lopez, Latoya Jackson, Eva Longoria, Melanie B, and many more.

 The Royals, a boutique owned by Hisham Benslimane and situated in the heart of Beverly Hills, has developed to become one of the places where most of Californian elites patronize. The stylist enjoys great prestige, he loves all trends and colorful. He began to sketch his first models so early while imagining them worn by big names in the show business.

 Having convinced his parents to let him study fashion in France, he left ambitiously for Paris with just a secondary school certificate, though he is brilliantly gifted with fashion styles and a promising creativity. Conversely, Hisham dreams even bigger than the Parisian environment in which he evolves. He wants US, so he travelled to New York, then to Miami, where he works for big brands and meets up with the shrewdest artists in the field.

Noticed by the right people

After settling down, he integrates the microcosm of Hollywood stars and begins to make a name for himself. Some celebrities are already wearing his brands during high-class ceremonies.

Nothing is hidden in Los Angeles, especially not a good patronage! His name spreads like broken pieces of gold, placing The Royals in the top ten brands to follow closely.

 Elegant and trending at the same time, Hisham’s brand is enchanting the souls and diminishing the shades of Heidi klum by Jennifer Aniston.

His specialties include: Glitter, embroidery, fluid fabrics and noble materials. But the fashion designer is not only promoting his brand, he has also established himself as a worthy ambassador of Moroccan culture, killing two birds with one stone!

He is dominating the Beverly Hills but also present in Paris. Though he remains strongly attached to Hollywood, where he affirms to feel his strength more, but we do want to believe it.

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