Aziz Tazi: Moroccan Filmmaker in Los Angels

Aziz Tazi, an inspiring personality who travelled all the way from the heart of Casablanca to the American West Coast.

Aziz Tazi traveled to the US in 2012 to continue his studies. He moved to Los Angeles after obtaining his master’s degree and becoming a back office director of an Arab film festival. He also had the opportunity to work on his first film titled “The Night Walk”, a suspense narrating about a man wrongly accused of killing his fiancée.

The outspoken young director wanted to transmit strong messages through his works, and lucky for him it worked in his first trial. “The Night Walk” project took three years to be finalized. It was filmed in, both, US and Morocco. He encountered series of challenges on the process, but Aziz will only address the good memories with a stronger desire to get things working again.

He managed to cast the likes of Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts who fell in love with the script. His determination and strong belief motivated these stars to accept the role and settle for little money.

Our talented wants to establish another image of the Arab world in Hollywood. He made this known in his speech while saying: “I’m tired of bullshits. Today, to be Arab in the movies is to be confined to the roles of terrorists, Middle Eastern Sheikh or cabaret dancers. It’s so disgusting and I want to fight against these stereotypes”.

The determined Aziz Tazi believes that it is quite possible to find a suitable Cinema with a diverse mind in LA where multiple origins, social backgrounds or ethnicities are the backbone of living altogether. He said: “Here, only work counts. It is your talent and your dedication that will open the doors for you, nothing else”.

He remains focused on drawing perspectives with a promising (second) project covering a true story of a Lebanese immigrant who worked with the CIA and FBI as a secret agent.

A severe woman bossing between the US and the Middle East…

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