Honoring Laila Elwi at the Maghreb Film Festival of Oujda

The organizers of the Maghreb Film Festival of Oujda will honor a group of well-known Tunisian, Algerian and Egyptian artists in the eighth edition of the festival.

 The list consists of big names such as the Egyptian Layla Oloui, the French Algerian Rachid Bouchareb, and Fatima Bensaïdane from Tunisia. As a guest of honor the famous Egyptian artist Monir Sharif will be attending this beautiful event.

As for the Moroccan artists, the festival prefers to honor three names: the talented Moroccan artist Kamal Kamal, the Moroccan legend Saad Al-Shraybi and the great Sinographer and filmaker Mr. Mohammed Benqadour.

The organizers of the festival announced the names of the jury which includes the Moroccan director Hassan Benjelloun, the Tunisian director Salma Bakkar, the Moroccan sociologist Aisha Belarbi and the Mauritanian director Abderrahmane Lahi. Just for the record, the Algerian professor and critic Ahmed Bejaoui will head the team as the session will be held in the city of Oujda in Morocco.

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