Casablanca’s International Festival of Andalusian Music

The first session of the International Festival of Andalusian Music kicked off last Thursday at the huge square of  Mohammed V athletic complex in Casablanca under the theme: “Music is the Language of a Good Knowledge”, and witnessed the participation of more than 150 artists from the most decorated Andalusian music stars from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Spain.

The Casablanca audience enjoyed the rhythms of Andalusian music performances by the Tunisian “Molfojia” group of Andalusian music led by the artist Mahmoud Freih who is a singer and music professor of the Tunisian Malouf rhymes.

 The Andalusian rhymes are one great body of Morocco’s musical heritage. The audience will have a good time with the Orchestra team of Abdelkarim Al-Rayss chaired by Professor Mohamed Briwel and the participation of Ahmed Marbouh, who presented wonderful Andalusian pieces to the audience and took them back to the classical ages.

 The event is organized by the Casablanca Regional Council in cooperation with the Andalusian Rep Association for instrumentals and listening Art.

 The Andalusian Joque (the Orchestra team) will be directed by Professor Ibrahim Sherif Wazzani in cooperation with other artists such as Marwan Haji, Zeinab Filali and Omar El Jaidi. Additionally, the Granati musical team is also taking place in this beautiful event as it will be directed by Mohamed Sherif Saud and Manal Garbi. On the other hand, the Maghribian Joque including Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Spain also performing in this festival.    

 This event will be regarded as part of Casablanca region 2016-2021 development program, which includes other 75 programs to meet the needs and aspirations of the local citizens in the areas of health, housing, education, culture and sport.

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