Anass Al Allouch: The Global Marketing Genius

Anass Al Allouch, born in Fes, Morocco, is one of the most influential global marketers in US, Europe and the Middle East.

This young Moroccan has spearheaded the communications and marketing for some of the biggest brands in the world—including companies who operate in tourism, fashion, as well as the lifestyle and entertainment industries. There is no global business market that Anass has left untapped with his creative touch, and professional ability, winning several awards and the respect of top marketers globally. But who is Anass Al Allouch? Let’s take a closer look at his past, his professional work, and what is in the pipeline of this “very busy” entrepreneur.

Anass Al Allouch: The Past

An “A” student throughout his high school studies, he began his educational career in Al akhawayn University in Ifran. He knew from the start that he had the creative skills to succeed in marketing and communications—he just needed to hone them professionally. He obtained a Master’s Degree in Tourism with Honors, Luxury and Cultural Events management, and even a Master’s in Arts, International Communication and HR management. He continued his studies in the US, at the prestigious New York University “NYU”; where he achieved a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing and Integrated Communication, Digital Communications and Media/Multimedia.

Anass Al Allouch: The Present

Anass Al Allouch career has been filled with success. In just a few short years, he has developed some of the most impressive campaigns in his industry. He created several successful marketing trends studies and managed high profile events and projects for internationally recognized brands like Virgin Group, Dubai Tourism and Continental Airlines.

What makes Anass stand out in the world of marketing is his heritage and his structured approach to creative work based on data analysis and global consumer insights. In fact, He is one of the few Moroccan professionals to achieve great success in the marketing industry in international markets. He manages over 25 marketing teams around the world from China to the United States and is fluent in multiple languages, including English, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, and French. He also has a personal interest in music and literature, both of which help inspire his creative side. He frequently works on partnerships and interacts with top media brands like CNN, Bloomberg and BBC

His international success has been frequent and varied. In 2014, he received a special award from Assorel for his marketing work; in 2017, he received an award for Best Advertising and Most Efficient Campaign for his Italian Sound of Fitness campaign.

In addition to working on international campaigns, he teaches the importance of advocacy and consumer experience at several marketing schools in Belgium, the UAE and Italy.

Anass Al Allouch: The Future

What does the future have in store for this innovative marketing and communications expert? In a recent interview, Anass spoke of his interest in giving back to community and sharing the know-how with students and young professionals. He mentioned his passion for two things: trends and consumer data studies as well as teaching and interacting with fresh minds. He also remarked that he believes the key to real success in the communication and marketing industry is to create your own benchmarks; never settle for your previous work, always seek to expand yourself professionally and creatively, and learn from your experiences in order to improve your work at all levels. We can only hope that the future campaigns from this remarkable professional will be even more creative, engaging, and well-received as his previous award-winning works.

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