Essaouira Gnaoua and World Music Festival: A Celebration of Ancestral Music

From June 20 to 23, the beautiful city of Essaouira will host the 22nd edition of Essaouira Gnaoua and World Music Festival by organizing 40 concerts in different parts of the city.

This annual occasion will host a group of famous professionals in Morocco and other groups of international musicians to merge ancestral music with the modern style in a beautiful and stylish way that will impress the audience.

The next edition of this festival will welcome more participants from Cuba, Tuareg or Tamil so as to include the jazz, flamenco, reggae, and Tagnawit as well.

Many International artists will be taking part in this outstanding event such as Tinariwen from Mali, Osin Del Monte and Stardust, the English singer Susheela Raman, Hassan Hekmoun, the Moroccan singer Hamid Qasri as well as The Universal Force, Omar Hayat, Nabila Maan and many other famous artists.

Promising youth bands such as the “Betweenatna” group, the young Hossam Ghania and the rising African star Moh Kouyati will also participate by performing some of their beautiful songs.

The concerts will be held in Moulay El Hassan Square while “Dar Loban” stage will host the most intimate musical concerts as performed earlier by Fikri Alican along with his band “Gnawa birds” and few of his musical partners. A hundred percent musical party between Flamenco and Tagnawit with Jorge Bardo and Said Oghsa will also be displayed.

On the intellectual side of the festival, the Human Rights Forum which will be held this year under the title “The Power of Culture in Facing Violence” will be open to ideas and alternatives for a better world for women and men of all races.

This will bring artists, professionals, political activists and associative from Morocco, the Maghreb, the Arab region, Africa and other parts of the world to the city of Essaouira to reflect and exchange ideas on the impact of the cultural role in order to stop violence and promote peace.

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