Aziza Jalal: The Angelic Voice

The famous contest show Mawahib (Talents) was the first platform which introduced Aziza Jalal to the Moroccan audience for the first time. The jury of the program were all wowed and impressed by her wonderful performance when asked to perform the late famous artist Smahane’s songs. Her voice and performances got to the notice of the Egyptian Press at that time, making her the first Moroccan talent to be published by the Egyptian Press.

She dazzled the owner of the “Talents” program, Mr. Abdenbi Jirari who discovered most of the Moroccan voices known today and who proposed to Aziza to be the composer of her well known song “The Red Flag” for the occasion of the Green March in 1975.

The song granted her access to participate, for the first time, in the occasion of the Anniversary of the Throne. She started with a cover for “Husn Al-Khisal” song by the musician Ahmad Al-Baidawi. She made covers for other notable songs like: “Ghali Ya Hassan” by the great composer Hassan Qadmiri, “The Hero of Jerusalem” and “Ya Layli Tol” by the musician Abdelkader Rachdi.

During her career, she met with great music composers and also signed a huge contract with the “World of Art” production company in Cairo. She dedicated the song “Our first meeting” to the first Egyptian composer she collaborated with Mohammed Al-Mouji before later featuring with Riyad Sanbati, Sayed Makkawi, Kamal Al-Taweel and Helmi Bakr. In addition to that, she got the chance to meet up with the genius composer Baligh Hamdi who promoted her song “Mestaniak” and brought success and fame to our beautiful voice Aziza Jalal.

She also had a great time in the Gulf collaborating with the late Emirati artist Jaber Jassem. Her cover for many of his songs like “Ya Shawq”, “Sidi Ya Sid Sadati” and “Ghazil Folah” made her popular to the Emiratis.

Finally she retired at a prime time when a lot is still expected from her. She rejected all tempting musical offers after her retirement and sacrificed her career for love and motherhood. She got married to a rich Saudi businessman year 1985 and lived with him in the city of Taaif in Saudi Arabia till he died.

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