Fatine Reviere: Americans love the exotic Moroccan decor

The Moroccan talented interior designer Fatine Reviere was hosted by Simo Benbashir, the outstanding international journalist, on a Moroccan show called “Nayda f’Hollywood” which is aired on the famous Moroccan online outlet: “Le 360”.

Fatine obtained a diploma in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Interior and Fashion Design.  She worked for years at the French fashion brand CHANNEL before she decided to open her own company where she was able to design for restaurants and luxury hotels. She also started another company for famous Hollywood celebrity clothes. She had a successful career that took her from Casablanca to Paris and later on to the US.

Her designs attracted many American stars making her a popular brand in the US market. She later opened another branch in the luxury area of Beverly Hills.

Her company contributed to the renovation of the Eiffel Tower in Paris after winning a national competition in France. She decorated the famous Costa Paris hotel, and also renovated the presidential suite of foreign kings and presidents at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. She also participated in several major projects in many countries, including Turkey, Dubai and Thailand.

Fatine said in her conversation with Simo during the interview that Moroccan décor is always on demand by Americans because of its rich composition and color combination. They find it inspiring and exotic; they want to see it in every corner of the house as it allows them to imagine a world of magic and beauty.

Fatine insists on using Moroccan dresses and materials to make her decorations even with the lamps. She said (about the leather lamps): “We, Moroccans, find it a normal thing but the Americans are fascinated by it because it does not exist in their culture”.

Our talented artist concluded by saying: “you only need a strong will, endurance and good reputation to succeed in America.” She advises young Moroccans to study and work hard instead of being fooled by celebrity lifestyles on social networking sites.

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