Pinto Donates Blankets to Marrakech Kids

Rabbi Pinto visited the outskirts of Marrakech in the winter to launch his humanitarian charity program. He appointed the famous talented Moroccan journalist Simo Benbashir to broadcast the program because of his skills and talent in the field of journalism.

He distributed a large number of blankets to pupils in a preparatory school here in “Aghbalo”  and “Eswas” Village in “Ait Ourir”, Marrakech. This was well appreciated by the residents and the educational sectors in this very cold part of Morocco. Hopefully he will continue this good work with the needs of other cities of the country.

Pinto is of Moroccan origin from Essaouira city. He is the great grandson of Rabbi Haim Pinto who was known for his wonders and miracles. His tomb in Essaouira has become a shrine visited by Moroccan Jews from all every part of the world.

Rabbi Pinto’s great grandfather is the founder of several Torah schools and institutions in Israel, France, Canada, Mexico, Britain and Argentina, as well as Morocco.

Recently, Rabbi Pinto was appointed Hebrew judge of the Beth El Church in Casablanca in the presence of many Moroccan officials, authorities and members of the Jewish minority living in Morocco.

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