Momad: From Basketball to Hollywood Movies

The international journalist Simo benbashir hosted in his show “Nayda F’hollywood” the Moroccan actor Kamal Momad who lives in the US. Momad started as a basketball player before switching to fashion and then ended up as a big Hollywood movie actor.

He is from Zagora (the northern part of Morocco) even though he was born and brought up in France before moving to the US for basketball in the year 1995.

He shared his story with Simo during the show telling him how he became successful after a lot of hard work playing basketball for five years in the United States. He was able to meet big personalities during these years. Momad believes that his meeting with the American football player Roger King changed his life. Roger noticed the qualities of a model in him and encouraged him to give it a try; he helped him with important agents who can make him a top star in few years. He eventually paraded at big fashion events in New York, Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles as well.

Momad found his way to Hollywood after becoming the face of advertisement for various companies.

“It was a great experience where I get to know more about other cultures as I’m to act in English, French and Arabic. I am from a Moroccan origin but I see myself as a World Class actor” he said.

According to him, his preferred movie role throughout his career was the role of a basketball player role which is acted alongside other famous talented artists. It is crystal clear that the role of a Basketball player will be the most memorable role in his career simply because Momad was practicing basketball before switching to the artistic field.

Some of his movies were shot in Ouarzazate the Moroccan city where his parents live now. Today he is the ambassador of a charity organization in Los Angeles which provides assistance to youth from African countries.

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