Omar Lotfi: A passion Called Acting

Omar Lotfi, the 35 year-old Moroccan actor emerging from “Hay Derb Sultan” in Casablanca, started his career with brilliant performances and important roles in Cinema including the film “Illusion” of the producer Talal Sahami, “A Lover from Rif” by the brilliant Narjis Najar, “The Old Kid” by Hamid Benani, and “Dne day and Night” by Nawfal Brawi. However, Omar remained unnoticed by the public and so he had to switch from cinema to TV shows to serials just to make a name and mark the beginning of a successful career.

His time came when he played the leading role in the “Casa Negra” movie produced by the talented filmmaker Noureddin lakhmari. He is winning the heart of Moroccans already, having the highest record of viewers watching his series this Ramadan on the National TV.

His passion for acting started with Drama and Role playing in different youth programs. He later joined the Casablanca institute for a six years program in acting and drama.

Omar focused more on the quality of his works throughout his career; despite the struggles, he will not accept any role –not even for money- if it doesn’t go in line with his disciplines and work ethics. His close friends always describe him as a humble and respectful man despite the fame. He shows respect to his fans and media journalists.

Currently, he is living a happy life with his wife Farah, who is also an artist from Fez Morocco, Omar dreams of producing an independent work of his own one day.

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