Mohcine Mountaki: A Moroccan Success Story in Hollywood


Mohcine Mountaki, who is a symbol of hard work and endurance, addressed the challenges of making it in Hollywood to become an actor.

He wanted to share his experience with the audience.

Mountaki always believes that a good planning, a strong determination and courage are the key to success. We may call it the American dream, but to Mohcine, it is the power of the willingness and determination. He arrived to California knowing that he still has a lot to learn as he understands there is a high competition for success, so he quickly applied for a Drama Art course to fulfill the needs of a successful journey in his life. Unfortunately, he had some challenges that forced him to give up his training for some time where he tried at the same time other jobs but it didn’t work out for him because of personal reasons.


After so many attempts, Mohcine made up his mind to pursue his dream and, luckily for him, his first appearance was a hit where he was offered a role in the famous “House Of Cards” Serial alongside the talented famous artists Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. He said “I took this opportunity and gave it my all, it ended with beautiful memories. Additionally, the other two actors mainly Kevin and Robin helped me a lot with their pieces of advice and sincere comments. This made me realize both beauty and demands of this very profession”.


Mohcine gave pieces of advice to the youths saying “Many of us have this passion but with different motives, some do it for fame and others for money. I think that one must first be motivated by art in a selfless way. Every role is important where it should be taken as an opportunity to show talents and build confidence. Everyone can make it to the cinema which is a great way to go and there is nothing better than Hollywood to make an outstanding career. The thing is we need to be ready and make efforts along with sacrifices”.

After the “House of cards” series Mohcine participated in many other projects thanks to his ability to speak different languages and with different accents. He is currently working on a comedy serial with the Egyptian TV host, Bassem Youssef, who said a lot about Mohcine’s professionalism, and humanity.

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