Hatim Ammor : The Pioneer of the Modern Moroccan Song

Hatim Ammor’s journey of fame saw the light through Studio 2M Music Contest that was aired on 2M channel; when he won the first prize in its second edition in 2005.

The son of Hay Mohammadi of Casablanca was able afterwards to charm his audience by performing different styles of music, especially the modern Moroccan song which enabled him to win the first prize of Studio 2M. Soon after that, Hatim Ammor became famous for performing a newer style of modern Moroccan music, mixed with western and Middle Eastern rhythms, which he was the first to bring it into light.

Hatim Ammor became one of the pioneers of the modern Moroccan song, after a failed career in the Middle East’s Hollywood: Egypt, to which he travelled all hopes that he will advance his artistic career. He then came back to Morocco and decided to create his own style, which will enable him later to become a renowned star; both at the national and international levels.

Hatim’s choices are smart and successful, starting from ‘Bent Bladi’ song that he performed in the only TV show that he acted in and which carries the same name as the song. He later released a number of striking hits like: ‘Allo Finak’, ‘Raha Bayna’, ‘Hssabni Tamma3’, ‘Ana Lawal’, ‘Khadija’, ‘Mchity Fiha’, ‘Hasdouna’, and his latest ‘Akher Mrra’ and ‘Bla Onwan’, in which he adopted a very distinctive style that most people describe as: matured and unique.

Ammor adores his art and profession. Throughout the years, he was able to improve both his look and style into more unique ones that are exclusive to him. He performed in a number of national and international festivals; some of which are Mawazine and Tunis Festival, let alone the countless parties that he holds in the Gulf Region, which witness the presence of a big number of fans, especially from the Moroccan communities.

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