Rabi Pinto and Serge Berdugo Meet in Casablanca

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto was invited to the third edition of the Casablanca Cultural Festival. He arrived with a number of his disciples and collaborators as a guest of honour at the closing ceremony at the headquarters of the Casablanca-Settat region, located in the famous historic district of Habous. He enjoyed the program made of Gharnati heritage music as well as Moroccan cuisine prepared according to the Jewish kosher tradition. Upon his arrival, Pinto was received by a number of Moroccan officials, in addition to Serge Berdugo, head of the Jewish community in Morocco.

Many participants congratulated Rabbi Pinto for recovering his health after his recent successful surgery in New York, wishing him good health and a long life. Members of the Casablanca-based Jewish community greeted him by shaking his hand, while the women simply greeted him from afar. Some guests offered him gifts, including a painting by an artist with a physical disability.

Pinto, whom His Majesty King Mohammed VI recently appointed President of the Rabbinical Court of the Jewish community living in the kingdom, spoke with Serge Berdugo about several issues of interest to Jews living in Morocco, including the issue of halal and kosher food, in addition to the need to consolidate Jewish culture and religion within the Jewish community in Morocco.

It should be recalled that Pinto, President of the international organization Shuva Isarël, based in Essaouira, promised in his speech on the occasion of his appointment as President of the Rabbinical Court that he would make every effort to serve the interests of the Jewish minority in Morocco, urging all Jews in the world to invest in the Cherifian kingdom, which he considers a model of tolerance and peaceful coexistence between the Islamic and Jewish religions.

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