VIP Series Generates Millions of Views on Youtube

The series VIP, produced by national carrier “Inwi” and broadcasted during the holy month of Ramadan, managed to reach 35 million views during the sacred month, just as half of its episodes ranked first among trending videos Youtube in Morocco.

This series, which was broadcasted on Youtube and 2M, tells the story of the daily, rushed and incredible life of an artistic management agency in Casablanca and reveals the hidden side of the world of stars in the era of social networks, the dictatorship of buzz and the frantic race for “like”.

VIP is a series that is based on an innovative and original idea, between fantasy and reality TV, while allowing several Moroccan stars to play their real characters in the series (which is something that we don’t see all the time). These include, in particular,: Sara Smiri, Ihab Bergigue, Kazem Chamas, Maria Nadim, Sahar Seddiki, Badr Soultan, Rajae Belmir, Leila Haddioui, Ahlame Zaimi, Asmae Amrani Hassani, Fatima Zahra Ibrahimi, Issam Balalioui, Safaa Rais, Hanaa Rais, Said Bey, Saadia Azgoun, Hamza Benabdelkrim El Filali, Khaoula Benamrane, Safae Hbirkou, Zakaria Bennaji.

It’s worth mentioning that “VIP” is the 5th series produced by Inwi. It is the most watched series in Morocco on the internet, with about 100 million views.

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