Batma and Simo Steer Controversy… Once Again

An interview by Simo Benbachir and Dounia Batma, broadcast on “Le site info”, steered controversy within the artistic community, because of the strong statements and the straight-forward and distinct speeches and positions.

In the same interview, which was viewed by hundreds of thousands on Youtube, Simo described Dounia Batma as Morocco’s “Diva”, which earned her the wrath of many of the other artists who considered it an exaggerated compliment. Answering his question, “Who is the diva of Morocco?”, Simo said, “There is only you. Where I look on Facebook or Instagram, I find only you. There is the TGV and Dounia Batma.”

For her part, and in response to Simo’s question about whether attacking others is a hobby in her home, Batma said that she is a peaceful person, but that she does not like to be “provoked by others for no reason”, saying that some people insult her in secret, a behavior to which she responds openly and publicly, which makes her seem aggressive, while others appear innocent.

Simo commented on Batma’s comments by saying, “provoking has its rules”, and Batma retorted that “You are a master and it is from you that we learn! (referring to Lamjarrad’s song Enta Maallam)”.

Batma challenged anyone who could compete her, saying, “If this person really existed, I wouldn’t be on the artistic scene today.”

Batma said she is holding many secrets against women artists in both the Gulf region and Morocco that she would not like to reveal. However, she threatened by saying, “But if test my patience, no one will be sure of anything.”

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