Simo Celebrates his Birthday with Orphans and Abandoned Children

The controversial Moroccan journalist and showbiz star Simo Benbachir has just celebrated his birthday, which he preferred to spent with orphans and abandoned children in an orphanage in the city of Tangier. Simo offered them cakes, clothes and other gifts and spent with them moments of joy, enchantment and dancing.

The artist Kania, a native of Tangier and resident in Belgium, also joined Simo on this special occasion. He expressed, through SSC Music, his music production company, his unconditional support for the abandoned children at that orphanage, while his mother, Mrs. Zakia, donated a decent amount of money to them.

Simo said that this year he chose to spend his birthday differently from previous years: “I chose to offer joy to innocent children and share it with them, instead of celebrating my birthday in a cabaret or restaurant, as usual. As influencers, it is our duty to support such causes and to raise awareness of their importance. This is the main role of an influencer and not to spread nonsense.”

Every year, Simo celebrates his birthday in July, yet, he refuses to reveal his age to the press; he prefers to keep this information secret and keep it only for himself and those close to him.

It’s worth mentioning that Benbachir is currently hosting a successful series entitled “Nayda in Hollywood” on the 360 platform, through which he reveals to the Moroccan and Arab public, a number of Moroccan and Arab figures who made it to the top in the United States.

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