The Owner of the Most Famous Kosher Restaurant is a Muslim

In a new episode of his series ‘Nayda F’Hollywood’, the Moroccan journalist residing in Los Angeles Simo Benbachir received the Moroccan businessman Tarik El Ghadouani, owner of the most famous kosher restaurant in New York, who told him about the difficulties he encountered before the realization of his dream and his project for which he came from Rabat almost 21 years ago.

In his interview with Simo, Tarik El Ghadouani said that it is easy to run a kosher restaurant and to gain the trust of clients who come from almost everywhere in New York, even if they are Muslim. In addition, it has succeeded in gaining a foothold with the American authorities grant this type of licence. They were surprised by the fact that a Moroccan immigrant was able to open a prestigious restaurant in a well-known region of New York. It therefore took him 8 months to obtain authorization to operate a terrace, in addition, of course, to the problem of financial resources that were not in line with his ambition. But this man’s willingness and love of challenge finally allowed him to realize his “American dream”.

El Ghadouani explained that the idea of opening this restaurant had haunted him for many years, because of its originality. He devoted days and nights to making it happen, along with the team that works with him today, continuing in his interview with Simo that “when you believe in a specific project, you certainly succeed in achieving it, especially in a country of opportunities like the United States. Here, we can find people who are listening to you, who are likely to be convinced of your idea to believe in your project. »

El Ghadouani felt that hospitality, human warmth and “Moroccanness” were key to the success of his project, in addition to his way of communicating with customers, his great ability to win their trust, not to mention the fact that he personally took care of all the details relating to the daily management of his restaurant or that he was seriously involved at work. “You can’t fool around with a case like this,” he said.

As a result, El Ghadouani has attracted many New York-based businessmen and Jews to his restaurant, as well as many American and foreign famous figures, including President Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hilary, artist John Travolta, legendary boxer Muhammad Ali Clay, among other artists, stars and celebrities.

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