Iraqi singer Kadhem Saher celebrates his son’s wedding in Morocco

It was a memorable weekend for Kadhem Saher. The Iraqi superstar was in Morocco to celebrate the wedding of her son Omar Al Sahir in the capital, Rabat. He married the Moroccan doctor Noura al-Dakhsh.

The ceremony on Friday, August 30th , followed the official announcement of the couple’s engagement in March. Omar Al Sahir, is the younger of the singer’s two sons.

Perhaps not surprisingly, despite his popular status in the Arab entertainment industry, Saher’s discreet elder kept the guest list relatively free. Among the distinguished guests were Moroccan singers Younis Al Rabat, Asma Al Munawar, Tarik Bardad and members of the former Arab boy band The5.

Despite Saher’s insistence that guests refrain from uploading videos and photos of the wedding, some messages have finally made their way to social media.

They included a video of the bride entering the wedding hall in the traditional way, to the sound of wedding songs. She arrived on the wedding bed carried on the shoulders of the men.

The sumptuous ceremony mixed many Moroccan and modern elements.

In some parts of the ceremony, the bride wore a traditional caftan with a motif related to the Amazigh region of the kingdom. Meanwhile, the groom kept his elegant classic costume.

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