Khadija Shilleh: my caftans are simple and my favorite color is black

In the new episode of Nayda in Hollywood, Simo Benbachir welcomed Moroccan fashion designer Khadija Shilleh, who came to New York with her husband from Casablanca, and later moved to Los Angeles. And after 25 years of residence in the United States, she has become one of the most famous fashion designers.

Khadija Shilleh told Simo about her debut. “I studied business in an American university and, after graduation, worked for 10 years for an insurance company in New York. I made a lot of money, but deep down I felt that this was not the area I wanted to continue working in.

Khadija Shilleh’s love for fashion and design has not left her since she was a child, when she saw her mother and aunts weaving knits, shawls, t-shirts, gloves and other multicolored works. And when she moved to America, she had trouble finding appropriate clothing to go out or attend special events. “I used to buy a dress and have to add sleeves or cover it at the back, or extend it. I was not the only one to experience this problem, because many Arab and Muslim women were in my case. So I decided to find a solution for myself and for them by launching models adapted to our customs and traditions. “And to continue, “I joined a design institute in Los Angeles to be able to do a good job. I specialized in the Moroccan caftan and introduced some changes to make it simple and modern”

Khadija Shilleh has participated in numerous fashion shows in Los Angeles and Paris and has received invitations to present her work in Brussels and Abu Dhabi. Celebrities have worn his creations. During her coverage of the Oscars, television host Fayrouz Alkaraouani did the same. She was satisfied with it. “I’m not looking for celebrities or influencers at all costs. I focus on ordinary women who look like me,” she told Simo.

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