Moroccan Jews gather for a pilgrimage to the recently renovated cemetery

Moroccan and Jewish community leaders celebrated the renovation of a Jewish cemetery in the coastal city of Al Jadida.

About 200 people gathered earlier this month in the city’s recently restored Jewish cemetery, which is located about 80 miles southwest of the capital Rabat.

Jewish participants took the opportunity to complete a pilgrimage to the tomb of Rabbi Ihya Haïm Assouline, a 19th century Kabbalah expert buried there, reports Libération.

The entire surface of the large cemetery was paved to prevent the growth of weeds that, before the renovation, had grown wild among the headstones of Al Jadida.

The walls and some tombstones were washed and repainted and the front door was replaced.

In 2010, his majesty King Mohammed VI announced the launch of a project to restore at least 167 Jewish burial sites across Morocco, which included about 250,000 Jews. This community now has only about 3,000 members.

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