Aminux… the icon of “R’N’B”

He is one of the most controversial young singers, because of the audacity that characterizes the titles of his songs, which he carefully selects so that they do not go unnoticed. His song “Gha Njibo” is a role model identified by the press and many critics as a carrier of sexual reference.

Aminux, whose real name is Amine Temri, is born in Tangier. He began his career with songs belonging to the RAP and the “R’N’B” before his fame was consolidated after being decorated by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, in recognition of his efforts and gifts in the field of modern song.

Aminux writes the lyrics of his songs himself and composes the music. He also makes great efforts because he knows that this brings him closer to his audience who loved songs like “Machi Fhalhoum”, “Ana Dialek”, “Johdi Tasala”, “Bini or binek”, “Samhini”, “Yamma”, “Tfat Achchamaa” and “Jibha fa chabka”, a song with which he supported the national football team at the African Cup in Egypt, not to mention his successful song “Anti li Kayna ou Makayane Mahsan”, which brought his success, despite the fact that many people believe he does not have a strong voice.

This is the kind of criticism he had to face when he participated in one of the Mawazine editions where he performed poorly. A disappointment that he tried to justify by the poor quality of the technical equipment.

Aminux combines art and studies. Indeed, despite his popularity and the success of his songs, this young artist wanted to continue his studies at the electricity department of the Faculty of Science and Technology of Tangier until he graduated.

Aminux has long disappeared from the art scene due to illness. He apologized to his audience and was forced to part with them in order to rest. But his love of art allowed him to overcome this difficult stage of his life and return to his audience in great shape and with new projects, including his new song conceived in collaboration with the international producer RedOne, as well as another song with an African-American artist whose identity he refused to reveal, preferring to leave her as a surprise to his audience.

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