A new book on Mohammed VI

The writer/ journalist Hassan Alaoui recently published a new book on King Mohammed VI entitled “Mohammed VI, king of the century” whose cover is illustrated with a photograph of His Majesty taken by the famous photographer of kings, Mohammed Maradji.

The book, published in La croisée des chemins on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the reign of Mohammed VI, reviews the most important challenges and transformations that have occurred since the King ascended to the throne , without any claim on the part of the author to make any kind of inventory or assessment of achievements, Given that the projects launched years ago, those that have been completed or those that are still being carried out, are indicative of continuity and the firm desire to found a different Morocco, committed to the path leading to the community of democratic and developed countries.

The 182-page book deals in its first and second parts with the power style of HM King Mohammed VI, while the third part is entitled “The Birth of a Prince…the Lucky Witness”.

The fourth part focused on the African orientation in Mohammed VI’s policy as well as on the presentation of the different royal worksites and projects, in addition to what the author called “the test” of Al Hoceima.

The author has devoted the sixth part of this book to the rule of law “between myth and reality”, the National Initiative for Human Development, justice, security and the fight against terrorism.

The seventh part was devoted to Morocco’s return to its African fold, while the eighth part focused on the problem of education and the new development model mentioned by His Majesty King Mohammed VI in his recent speeches.

After having spent many years as publishing director of the Maroc Soir group, Hassan Alaoui is now publishing director of the Maroc Diplomatique magazine.

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