Moroccans trust social networks

According to a report published on September the 5th by the “Arab Barometer”, the highest percentage of young people active on social networks in the Middle East and North Africa is in Morocco, where these young people represent 96%, at a time when the rate of Internet use by Moroccan youth stands at 93%.

According to this report, which is the result of a study conducted from September 2018 to April 2019, 67% of young Moroccans consider social sites as their primary source of information, compared to 55% in Tunisia and 49% in Algeria. Morocco is one of the countries in the Arab region whose young people make up 77% of the population who trust social media, unlike newspapers and television news.

Facebook is at the top of the social networks whose information is considered credible by Arab youth, especially in Morocco, where 90% of them are in this situation.

The report also recorded the lowest rate of youth satisfaction with the level of education and employment in Morocco (17%), followed by Iraq (24%).

With regard to corruption, 88% of young Moroccans believe that this scourge is an obstacle to the quality of education and access to the labor market. It is for this reason, the report notes, that it is not surprising that the rate of young people wishing to emigrate is in North Africa and in particular Morocco, with 70% of people wishing to settle in European countries, especially French-speaking countries, due to many factors, such as language and common history.

According to the same report, 24% of young Moroccans reported being religious, while 23% said they were not interested in politics (compared to 17% in Tunisia and 15% in Algeria).

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