Faouzia Singer: I’m going to shoot in Morocco to show its magic to the Americans

For the 25th episode of Nayda in Hollywood, Simo Ben Bachir welcomed the young Moroccan artist Faouzia Ouyahia, known as Faouzia Singer, who came from Casablanca to the United States to fulfill her dream of becoming a famous singer and artist.

Faouzia Singer shared her love of singing and music with Simo, from an early age she asked her parents to learn to play the piano, then the violin and the harp and, a few years later, to write and compose.

Faouzia Singer signed a contract with an American production company and published her famous song “This Mountain”, a song she believes is close to her heart because she has experienced all its meanings. She dedicates it to all the people who face all the obstacles to make their dreams come true, without paying the slightest attention to those who want to discourage them.

She also mentioned her song “Born without heart”, in which she addresses the suffering of people who have suffered emotional trauma, have been disappointed by their loved ones. So grief won them over and the smile left their lips.

Responding to Simo who wanted to know which of the activities is Faouzia’s favorite, composition or writing, she said she likes them both, without being able to differentiate between them, as one complements the other, adding that she is preparing several songs and videos that she will soon launch.

Having left Morocco at the age of 13, she hopes to be able to go there to meet artists and musicians who could enrich her career, as well as to shoot videos in order to show Americans the beauty and charm of this country, especially the city of Marrakech, beloved by many Americans.

Faouzia Singer took the opportunity to give advice to young people who want to succeed in the United States, believing that education, science, perseverance and love of work are the main elements that allow everyone to realize their dreams.

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