Simo Filali: The Moroccan touch makes my productions exceptional

On the 24th episode of Nayda in Hollywood show, Simo Benbachir welcomed Simo El Filali, one of the most brilliant Moroccan producers and distributors in Hollywood.

Simo arrived in the United States 15 years ago from Casablanca. After obtaining a master degree in computer science, he opted for another direction, closer to his wishes. It is the world of music, musical play and distribution. This choice is all the more consistent as he had loved the piano since he was a young boy and played it when he was barely five, as he explained when he met Benbachir.

El Filali has travelled to many cities and states in the United States through his participation with various musical groups, which has given him a great deal of experience that he now considers particularly useful, although it has been a very challenging experience. This has led him to focus on artistic production, which does not require much travel, he says.

In his interview with Simo, Simo Filali explained that he had chosen “House Music” and that he had already presented in many works with foreign singers from France and the United States of America, adding that he cooperates with his American friend and partner who writes songs for him, just as he collaborated with professional musicians who have worked with great stars such as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Beyoncé.

El Filali pointed out that what distinguishes his work is the Moroccan touch which is strongly present, adding that it gives an exceptional character, unique and different from what is widespread, in addition to authenticity, of course.

El Filali has already reproduced Moroccan and Arab-Moroccan songs that have been appreciated by the public, including a song by the great Moroccan composer Hassan Kadmiri, songs to which he has given a new lease of life thanks to the technological tool.

In his interview with Simo Benbachir, Simo El Filali stressed that everyone has the opportunity to succeed in Hollywood despite the existence of fierce and intense competition, provided they are serious and determined and that the work proposed can bring added value to the market. “As Moroccans, we can create American music. But Americans can neither play nor make Moroccan music. So, any Moroccan can succeed here easily.”

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