Khaled Benmbarek: I Train the Sick and not just Celebrities

In the new episode of Nayda in Hollywood, Simo Benbachir welcomed the personal trainer Khaled Benmbarek who traveled to Hollywood from Rabat in search of the American dream. Today he has become one of the most famous personal trainers. His clients who include stars and celebrities call him “Khaled Speed”.

Khaled Benmbarek explained to Simo that he grew up in the famous Hassan district of Rabat and was passionate about sport from a young age. At the age of 16, he practiced track and field and specialized in 800 meters, before arriving in the United States in 1994 to join his brothers in Washington DC, who helped him get into the famous Georgetown University where he met the team “Coach” and started training with the them before making his way to the top of the team.

Khaled Benmbarek spoke about his beginnings in this field. He told Simo that he proposed to the team to coach some members three times a week, outside the University. The idea was appreciated and he was able to bring together 18 people from the first day. He taught them flexibility and fitness and shared his experience with them. “They were the ones who encouraged me and it’s thanks to them that I got into the world of training. They told me that I should be the coach of the stars,” he told Simo.

Indeed, Khaled Benmbarek became the coach of American star Mariah Carey, thanks in part to his self-confidence and the quality of the special exercises he offers his clients. “Mariah is one of Morocco’s biggest fans, so much so that she has named her son “Moroccan”. That’s why she chose me, in addition to my competence of course,” he said, adding that his friend, the Moroccan filmmaker Sanaa Hamri, has also used his services, considering it all the more wonderful that he can sometimes speak to her in Moroccan dialect.

And on the question of whether he trains only celebrities, Khaled Benmbarek said, “I train people from different social categories, not only artists and celebrities. I even train people who are sick or disabled. I like to change the body and mind of human beings and help, in one way or another, to improve their health.”

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