Laila Abdaïm: I offer my clients an exceptional journey through the Moroccan culture

In the new episode of Nayda in Hollywood, Simo Benbachir welcomed the Moroccan businesswoman Laila Abdaïm, who emigrated to the United States from Goulmim, to open a Moroccan restaurant in the heart of Beverly Hills. Laila Abdaim recounted her experience by saying that she has always been tempted by the business world. During her many travels, she was impressed by Los Angeles and decided to settle there and open a restaurant to share her passion for cooking with Americans.

As for the secret of her restaurant’s success, Laila insisted on the fact that she ensures the quality and freshness of the products, just as she ensures the acquisition of the best local products in order to create an exceptional cuisine. She said she wants to prepare the croissant in the French style, while she brings the teapots from Morocco, because she knows that the Americans love Moroccan culture and cuisine. It is for this reason that she offers them an exceptional journey through Moroccan culture and heritage.

Laila has divided her restaurant into two parts: the first part where she serves breakfast, desserts and croissants, prepared with a Moroccan touch, and the second part reserved for fast food and where she serves Moroccan tagines and salads as well as many other dishes. Laila is looking to diversify her activity by also acting as a caterer. She also plans to open a new restaurant in 2020.

As for the advice she wants to give to those who plan to enter and succeed in this field, Leila said that for her, she has always been able to organize her time and that she has always liked what she was doing: “You must have enough time for this work. Be passionate and have great ambition. Connect with people who have succeeded in their lives and offer quality products. “she advised.

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