Amine K: Dreams were created to become reality

In the 28th episode of Nayda in Hollywood, Simo Benbachir, interviewed the Moroccan DJ Amine Akesbi, known as Amine K, who managed, after many years of perseverance, to access the world-class DJ universe.

Amine told Simo about his debut in the world of music, which he entered when he was only 14 years old, under the influence of his uncle who hosted many concerts in the capital Rabat, as well as on the occasion of his own family celebrations.

“I liked hip-hop and it was my first introduction to it. But my passion for music was great, so I decided to study it simultaneously with my studies in finance. I attended training sessions in Beirut, Paris and Sydney, then discovered electronic music which has become my professional occupation for the past 12 years. I started in Morocco before going all over the world, representing my country and proud to do so.

A few months ago, Amin K started a tour in the United States, a trip that took him to New York, a destination that he says, makes every DJ in the world dream, as well as Washington, Los Angeles and San Francisco. “It was great, the audience came in droves and reacted wonderfully well. »

Amine K stressed that the Moroccan touch in particular and the oriental touch in general, is present in the musical pieces he creates, both through the instruments, as well as through the Moroccan “dakka”, unique in its kind and that the public appreciates wherever he goes, or through the Gnaoui music he exploits. This was the case in particular in his album “Dar Gnaoua” which he published in 2010.

Amine Akesbi is about to release a new album soon, on which he started working in April and which should be completed next October, once he returns to Marrakech, after his American tour.

As for the advice he wishes to give to young Moroccans, Amine K insists on perseverance at work as well as seriousness if we really want to succeed, stressing that “dreams have been created to become reality”.

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