Younes El Aynaoui… The Moroccan tennis legend

If, in terms of tennis, the Moroccan flag has been raised in many international competitions, it is thanks to Younes El Aynaoui, who is a true legend in Moroccan tennis, and whose career path has been reported in the international press, from 1990 until 2008, when El Aynaoui decided to withdraw, after winning many titles and multiple high-level competitions, including the Hassan II Cup, among other international tournaments, such as the Davis Cup.

Younes El-Aynaoui comes from an aristocratic family in Rabat. Born of a Moroccan father and a mother of French origin who chose to give him the first name of Frédéric. His parents were initially against allowing him to start a professional tennis career, before finally fulfilling his wish. He left Descartes High School where the capital’s elite is educated to devote himself fully to his lifelong passion. He went to Belgium, then to the United States where he continued his training at a specialized school. It was at this time that he met André Agassi, the world tennis legend. But the fact that she left school did not prevent her from learning many languages, other than Arabic and French, his two mother tongues. He has been able to master English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

El-Aynaoui was born on September 12, 1971. He entered the world of tennis at the age of 15, influenced by Yannick Noa, especially after he won the Roland Garros tournament. He was able to pursue a respectable career that made him the pride of both Morocco and Moroccans, before converting to training in Qatar, and then devoting himself to training promising talent within the French Tennis Federation. He has also been a consultant to the Ministry of Youth and Sports under one of the previous governments.

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