Yves Jasmine: My grandfather was a great influence in my life

Born in Tangier, Yves Yasmine Saoud, entered the world of music and singing at the age of 17 after meeting the Moroccan producer Omar Berkaoui, who encouraged her to pursue a professional career.

Today, she is one of the most famous Moroccan singers in the United States, according to what she said in her interview with Simo Benbachir in a new episode of Nayda in Hollywood show.

About the video clip of her song “Habibi”, shot in Morocco, Yasmine says that she chose the beautiful city of Chefchaouen to make it known to Americans, at a time when everyone was choosing big cities like Marrakech; something she considers to be a wonderful experience that has allowed her to discover her path and represent her country in the best way.

During the show, Yasmine talked about her relationship with her grandfather, who was closely related to her and who greatly influenced her character and life, she says. Thus, after his death, she dedicated her song “Lozing You” to him in which she mourns the loss of the one who was closest to her heart.

Speaking of this song, she said that she has received great support from the Moroccan media. “That’s what made me very happy, because it’s a sensitive song, coming from the bottom of my heart. I am grateful to the public for appreciating it”.

Regarding her change of style from Pop to “RNB”, Yasmine said she did this to indulge her first musical love that goes back to her childhood. She was a street dancer and listened to the GNI singers who were a source of musical inspiration for her.

Yasmine is about to launch her new song which, as she told Simo, should attract a large number of viewers.

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