Robert Assaraf… the man with great goals

Robert Assaraf was known to be a man who had a keen sense of principle and who did not hesitate for a moment to put his personal funds at the service of a deal in which he believed and to which he committed himself, body and soul.

Since his birth in 1936 in Rabat, Robert Assaraf has held various positions, from law to the press, trade and economics. He worked for many years in the Ministry of the Interior, as well as with Ahmed Reda Guedira, Advisor to His Majesty King Hassan II, before being appointed Director General of the ONA Group.

He has always dreamed of a media project that lived up to his aspirations, but he was unable to carry it out in Morocco, after the project had been aborted, due to a lack of political will at the time. This was in 1982 and it was a weekly newspaper that was approved immediately after the number 0.

This famous businessman did not give up his passion for journalism and in 1994 created the weekly Maroc Hebdo International, a project that failed a year after its birth, particularly following the health problems that diverted Assaraf from his dream.

Robert Assaraf subsequently became a shareholder of Radio Shalom, broadcast in France, before acquiring shares in the French magazine “Marianne”, of which he was deputy editor-in-chief until 2005.

He lived for years between Paris and Marrakech before settling permanently in Israel and being buried there on March 5, 2018.

He was one of the founders of the World Federation of Moroccan Judaism in 1999. He was also President of the Moroccan Jewish Federation at the global level.

He is the author of several publications on the history of Jews in Morocco and on contemporary Israeli politics, including “Moroccan Jews in the World, Immigration and Discovery Identity”, “Mohammed V and Moroccan Jews”, “Moroccan Jewish History”, “Israeli Drama, From Peace to War”, etc.

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