Moulay Hafid Alami… Minister businessman

Moulay Hafid Alami is one of the most charming, elegant and politically involved ministers. He entered politics through the business door, where he demonstrated a successful and balanced presence, managing many major projects in vital sectors such as insurance, financial and commercial services, knowing that he belongs to a family that has been active for many years in trade and business. His grandfather had made a career in the automobile trade.

Originally from Marrakech, Moulay Hafid, who holds the portfolio of industry, commerce and the digital economy, is part of the National Rally of Independents led by Aziz Akhnouch, one of the ministers and statesmen in whom the Palace has confidence and who maintains close relations with King Mohammed VI.

His debut in the field of finance and business in Morocco took place within the “ONA” company before leaving it for wider horizons after having woven a network of important relations with the men of the State, the Makhzen and the economy.

Many of his relatives say he is an intelligent businessman who knows how to turn dust into silver. From a job in the Department of Finance and then in the insurance sector in Canada, where he pursued his studies in computer science at the famous University of Sherbrooke, Alami managed to become a billionaire and an economic player in his country, just as he became in a few years the owner of the largest insurance company, “Saham”, which developed in many countries in the Middle East and Africa, before selling it to the South African group “Sanlam”, under a controversial and highly profitable contract, for over one billion euros.

He has helped to build the Moroccan industrial policy since he was head of employers from 2006 to 2009, before being appointed minister in Abdellah Benkirane’s government in 2013. He has also held several important positions, including chairing the Morocco 2026 Committee responsible for Morocco’s bid to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

Specialized magazines rank Moulay Hafid El Alami, born on 13 January 1960, as the 40th wealthiest person in Africa, with a personal fortune estimated at about $620 million.

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