Xena Aouita: I Am Proud of my Father and Grateful to my Mother

In the new episode of Nayda in Hollywood, Simo Benbachir welcomed the famous singer Xena Aouita, daughter of world champion Said Aouita and who grew up in Orlando, USA.

Regarding the reason why she called herself Xena, instead of Zeina, her real first name, she said she was inspired by the famous warrior “Xena”, because she wanted to be a warrior like her in the field of art and singing.

With Simo, Xena talked about episodes from her childhood, especially when she wanted to become a model or an actress, saying that her mother had encouraged her to enter the singing world after discovering her talent.

At 17, Xena entered a beauty contest and was named Miss Houston. And like all women holding this title, she had to choose her cause, which is none other than the defense of women victims of harassment and collaboration with many organizations working on this issue.

Xena sang a song about Morocco to introduce her country to Americans who, for the most part, know little about the country: “Some people think we still travel on camels. “she explained to Simo.

And in response to a question from Simo who wanted to know if being the daughter of the famous world champion Said Aouita helped her in her journey, Xena said: “I am proud of my father, but my journey is completely different from his. He’s an athlete and I’m a singer. My father follows me and encourages me. My mother encourages me today to make my dreams come true just as she did for my father. I would like to thank my mother because she is my first supporter. »

Xena has just completed the preparations for her album of ten songs, a job that required a lot of efforts “I am very happy to listen to the songs on this album. It’s a crazy job. “she told Simo.

As for the advice she wants to give to those who want to succeed in the United States, she said, “Study first, then sing. Thank and pray to god. »

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