Jamaa Baïda: The Guardian of The Archives

Jamaa Baïda’s scientific and academic career is greatly historical . His main research work has focused on contemporary history. From the history of the written press to the history of minorities in Morocco, including that of the Jews, the colonial period and relations between Morocco and the West, among other subjects that have attracted his attention and been the subject of various publications, in the form of books and articles published in many national and international journals, whether in Arabic, French or English.

Jamaa Baida, who now heads the Archives of Morocco, was born in 1955. He began his studies in Morocco before moving to France, where he obtained a doctorate in contemporary history from the University of Bordeaux and another in journalism and communication sciences, before joining Mohammed V University in Rabat in 1982, as a professor of contemporary history.

Jamaa Baida has done a lot for the scientific and the historical research for more than 30 years and he still devotes a large part of his time and energy to his work in the Moroccan Archives, which were created thanks in particular to his contributions and those of many Moroccan researchers and historians, who have made the collection of Moroccan archives a priority, in order to preserve the Moroccan memory and heritage.

Jamaa Baida fought within the Equity and Reconciliation Commission for Morocco to have an institution that preserves its archives, given the great importance of this sector for a take-off at all levels: economic, administrative, social, cultural, scientific and historical. Thus, the law governing the National Archives came into force on November 30, 2007.

Jamaa Baida has given a lot to the Archives of Morocco, created on March 30, 2011. It is thanks to him that Morocco has been able to recover a large part of its archives from many countries around the world.

Jamaa Baida now holds several positions. He is a founding member of the group of studies and research on Moroccan Jews, founded in 1997. He was President of the Moroccan Association for Historical Research from 2001 to 2007. He founded and directed the Historical Research Review from 2003 to 2006. He is a member of the United Nations Archives and Human Heritage Commission at UNESCO.

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