Atik Benchiguer: the Poetic Journalist

Atik Benchiguer is one of Morocco’s most famous and respected media professionals. He has presented various programs that have given rise to many stars of the artistic scene, including “Noujoum al ghad” and “Noujoum wa Noujoum”, as well as musical evenings such as “Nagham arabi”, “Nagham achabab” and “Charii al ouns”, not to mention the tribute programs “Takrim” and “Massar”. He is now preparing a new program that it will soon present.

In his early days, Atik Benchiguer worked at the national radio as a presenter. And despite his beautiful voice that could have propelled him into a career as a singer, but he chose the profession of journalist. He also excels in the psalmody of the Koran and spent four years in an association working in this field in Rabat.

Atik Benchiguer was born in 1960 in the old town of Rabat, more precisely in the Marsa district of the Oudayas. He received a religious education from an early age and graduated from the House of the Koran in 1978. He participated in numerous psalmody festivals in Morocco and abroad before obtaining a degree in Arabic literature.

He joined the national radio in the 1980s and worked alongside its main members before joining Moroccan television in 1984. He presented his program “On the banks of rivers”. He then spent a year training at the Institut national des sciences audiovisuelles before joining 2M where he has been active until today as a seasoned presenter of the most famous artistic programs, distinguished by his classical Arabic, his masterful voice and his poetic style.

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