African Journalists Are Meeting in March

At a meeting that brought together Moroccan journalists from different media outlets, on the occasion of the announcement of a forthcoming edition of the “Pan-African” forum, organized on an initiative of 2M, Samira Sitail, Deputy Managing Director of this channel, expressed her pride in everything that has been done to build the network of African journalists as well as the success of previous sessions, calling for the unification of efforts to meet the challenges and aspirations set by the network on fundamental issues of concern to Morocco and Africa in general, and not only on women’s issues. She also called for the “pan-African” section to be promoted at national level and organized in a better and more effective way, promising greater exposure to Arabic-speaking journalists and the integration of the Arabic language in future editions of the forum.

For her part, Fathia Al-Aouni, editor-in-chief of Radio 2M and a permanent member of the forum, said the case concerned a Moroccan project that reflects a positive image of the country and allows for an exchange of views on many topics of interest to Moroccan and African journalists. During the same meeting, she announced that the 3rd edition of the Forum will be held from 6 to 7 March in Casablanca, around the issue of the environment and its impact on the African continent.

It should be mentioned that 200 professional journalists from different media (audiovisual, Internet, print media) from 54 African countries, including 80 Moroccan journalists, participated in the previous session of the Forum, which was held in Casablanca on the theme of immigration.

At the same meeting, it was announced that Radio 2M will participate in order to meet the challenge of ensuring uninterrupted broadcasting for 24 hours, along with other African radio stations, on February 13, which coincides with World Radio Day.

In addition to African women journalists, the 2nd edition of the Forum welcomed a number of officials and politicians who participated with interventions in the framework of its various activities. These include Nasser Bourita, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, who expressed his support for the initiative and called on the network to work on its development if it wishes to become a real force for suggestion and for its voice to be heard. Mr. Bourita also received the participants at the forum at the Ministry’s headquarters in Rabat.

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