Samira Sitaïl: the Iron Lady

She is known as the “Iron Lady” because of her strong personality and severe style. She doesn’t accept mistakes just as she hates laziness. Many people respect her because, with her intelligence, dedication to work, talent and effort, she has become what she is today. Others fear her because they know that she is difficult to approach and has a long arm; her relationships reach the highest authority in the country that covers her with her care.

This is obviously Samira Sitaïl, deputy director and information officer at 2M, a channel where she is the one who “makes the rain and the sunshine”.

She was born in the Paris suburbs on May 16, 1964, into a modest family of nine children whose father was a Moroccan immigrant working in construction. She studied Oriental languages and civilizations, but one of her friends led her to journalism, which she became passionate about since her first internships in French media organizations, such as Canal plus or TF1, before she landed an internship in Dar Al Berihi and officially worked for the first channel, when she was barely 23 years old. She began as a presenter of the French-language news program, before moving on to reporting and investigating topics and issues that were considered media taboos at the time.

In 1989, she had a great opportunity to join the young 2M team and get involved in the media project in which His Majesty King Hassan II had believed and supervised in the smallest details.

Sitaïl presented several successful programs on 2M, interviewed the most prominent political figures and rose through the ranks until she was appointed Director of Information in 2001, a particularly sensitive position, given the importance of its political and media implications. But she lived up to this responsibility and promoted the official position, to such an extent that some saw her as a “makhzen spokesperson”, an accusation to which she paid no attention, preferring to redouble her efforts to serve the interests of her country.

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