Fairouz Karaouani: The Ambassador of the Moroccan Media

Fairouz Karawani never thought that she would make journalism her profession until the day she had the opportunity to participate in a casting at the Mohammed V National Theater, the purpose of which was to select young television faces who would be called upon to join national television as part of the great change that the audiovisual industry underwent in 1986, under the slogan “ça bougege à la télé!”(It’s moving on TV!).

Fairouz Karaouani was selected among the 1,000 participants in the casting, which was supervised by a French team from the “TF1” channel, alongside the great artist and playwright Tayeb Seddiki.

Born in 1976 in Rabat, Fairouz Karaouani began her career as a presenter on the first channel, before proposing her first program which will open the doors of fame and make her an icon, both for children and adults, given the rarity of television programs at that time. This is her famous show “Le train des enfants”(The children’s train) which she presented for 7 years and which was so famous that Lalla Soukaïna, daughter of Princess Lalla Mariam and granddaughter of the late HM King Hassan II, participated in one of its episodes.

Fairouz Karaouani also worked as a host of concerts organized in each province which were broadcasted every Saturday on Moroccan television, just as she presented the programs “Cartes”(Cards), “Sous le soleils”(Under the Sun), and “Stars” before leaving to the United States to live a new experience after eleven years spent with Moroccan television.

Initially, she worked for a television production company, with the support of her colleague and husband of her friend, Abderrahmane Adawi, as well as the Moroccan journalist Mohamed Dourrachad, before becoming a correspondent for the Associated Press in Washington, covering numerous events on behalf of several Arab television stations, including those in Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sudan, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman, as well as on behalf of the “Russia Today” channel.

Fairouz Karaouani, who now lives in Virginia with her husband and children, has returned to the Moroccan media scene through her program “Naghma watai”, directed by Idriss Mrini and presented on the first channel. It was this program that paved the way for her to participate in the Marrakech International Film Festival as a presenter for several editions, before slipping away again and reappearing on “MBC 5” at a special evening organized as part of the Green March’s anniversary.

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